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Bright orange Rhododendron, Shugborough Hall, Staffordshire, England
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australia’s got a lot of fucked up shit going on but at least we can say our last mass shooting was 18 years ago

because after it happened we placed higher restrictions on gun ownership

because that’s the logical fucking thing to do

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Clear water, fresh soul.
Not all boys with a pretty face have a pretty heart, remember that
-The words my mother told me when a pretty boy broke my heart (via boundlesswords)

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I am fucking insane but my intentions are gold and my heart is pure.



Women firefighters douse flames during the Pearl Harbor attack.

Oh hay look women of colour were an integral part of the ‘cool’ part of history too, how about that.  They were like. Doing stuff that supposedly only heroic white dudes had done. That makes women valid participants in collective history now, right? Right? This is in high school history books now, right? Right? Huh?

It reminds me of that one famous painting/sculpture of the soldiers raising the flag
I like this one a lot better.


"tea is just leaf water!" "yeah well coffee is just bean water!" wow, it’s. it’s like everything is made of things. this door is just wood rectangle. this poster is just ink paper. this lemonade is just lemon water. wow, it’s like you can combine ingredients to make things that are more enjoyable than the initial parts of the equation. sure is a magical world we live in

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(by Gebhart de Koekkoek)

the sun will shine in my van door someday

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